Jul 3, 2011



well welcome june and goodbye may! goodbye all confusion in may and hope I never meet you again (the confusion) ;p

there was a little surprised in the end of may. yes, I got surprised from my roommate at 103 old dormitory. one of sweet moment in my first year at cahayamadani. just check it out!

cake and gift from them :D

look our stressed expresion (the next day was a final test!)

my lovely seragam ++ (seratustigamasqod) minus azizah (she taken the photo)

and also while I was interviewed in afs selection, I got congratulatory in english interview. when I introduced myself, ‘so I was born on twenny ninth of may ninteen ninty five..’ and there was a returnee realized and said, ‘so today is your birthday?’ hence I said yes and they directly sang ‘happy birthday’. i was speechless and only smiled to them.

well may gimme many lesson, lesson of life. then I’d like to say (again) WELCOME, JUNE. yes, the 1st of June became one of the long day in my life.

first, its biology examination. what a bad day while the other of my classmates got holiday and I’ve entered to the school to done my biology examination. therefore I went to the school at 8am and waited for anesh, the one who wanted that exam with me; I waited her at RKB building.

I was making resume when anes came. we finished that exam at 11am. suddenly my classmates said that I’ve to done the geography exam. I’m shocked and got panic at that time. my classmates just smiled, lemme calm with said: its easy, really. just do it!

I done geograph exam fatefully. I didn’t care about it. I went to my room and directly studied chemistry for chemistry exam after ashar. while I’m studying my roommate watched a movie and its made my concentration blur, and I just watched that movie. after that I slept and when I woke up its been 3.30pm. I taken a bath panicly, prayed and went to HALL A where the exam held.

it’s a hard exam. actually I didn’t study very well hence I became the last person in class. I finished my exam when azan maghrib. after that i got breakfasting in dormitory and prayed maghrib. I hoped that public speaking canceled because that day was too overcast.

and yeah like what I guess before, there was public speaking. my last public speaking in first grade. the problem actually not my speech but after public speaking, the education section held a pensi and my group had to perform. God, I hate it.

but in the end, I justdone it all. and when I back to dormitory at 11.30pm I just smiled and said to myself, ‘its already done, asma. you’re free now.’ honestly 1st of june become my very hard day. but it make me trust to myself that I can do it all. I can do it if I try and I believe I can do it :)

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