Jul 3, 2011


hm so these holiday I really enjoying my time at home. I didn’t go to anywhere. I just watched movie, tidy up my data, tidy up my home. honestly I felt so lonely. because I didn’t meet my friends or even my sister or my brother. bad news for me, my brothers spent their time at my aunt house in bekasi. so I really home alone. my mom and my dad still working. I meant they left home while I was sleeping and they returned when I wanna go bed. perhaps you think that I still have a maid but honestly we didn’t have any maid.
so while my mother working I swept, mopped, washed, yeah you know home-work I meant. but I’m happy spent my time for this work. I used most of my time to think about my future, about my school, either my plan. but I think after 2 weeks in home I really wantto meet another person. oh I missed my friends. where are they? did they forgot me? oh noo. haha maybe next week I will go to gramedia or somewhere else, either alone or not.
maybe i love it like these quote:

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