Jul 3, 2011


well actually I was doing my homework but I felt so angry than now I’m here, make a post for blog. the end of this term, we got so many homework and most of that its not individual homework but, group. and yeah, I become the person who care, take so many care for our homework. seemed like just me who done the homework. well I’d separated the job and discussed it with my partner, they just said yes and I thought I could trust them.
and now I’m doing our homework. I don’t wanna write their name but I thought It was too selfish. why I should write their name but they didn’t help me to make this very nice homework -_- God I wanna tell them and say that I was stressed out loud doing this very nice homework oh @#$%^&*
well I wanna continue doing my homework and I think I will write their name. because I’m a kind person, right? *evil smile. haha kidding. maybe later I will push them to help done this homework. so bye!

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