Aug 5, 2011

new status

sooo, i'm second grade now :DD haha its just like i wait for so long time. actually being second hard was so haaaard. i never wanted, and so does all of my friends, i thought.

i refused these. i had saying the word like i-dont-wanna-become-second-grade. it didn't mean that i wanted to stayed at first grade. these just an uncomfortable things, being people that your junior will look at you first. because you're older. means that we have to keep our attitude etc ooooh grr-_- even i care about my image i still dunno how to keep our image without being hypocrite.

but yeah, i'm a second grade now. i have done my LDKS (Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa) and i thought it was enough to teached us how to become a good senior.

well actually, i still addapt with my new status. i still uncomfortable with these. i mean, with new roommate, classmate, and now our new junior. oooh. but i keep trying.

sooo that perhaps anytime i will write about our great LDKS. bye

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